In decades past, one of the most daunting responsibilities of a business owner was plain and simple, focus on growing their business. While that still reins true today, more and more businesses are discovering the more pressing elephant in the room, legal and illegal substance abuse. It seems like just yesterday there were only a handful of substances available to the general public. Other than alcohol, most were not only illegal but, challenging to acquire regularly. In 2019 that’s just not the case; here are a few warning signs you should be aware of and why:


Lack of Punctuality

While tardiness isn’t always an immediate sign of drug use, an employee that never calls out, is never late to work, never leaves early but now regularly does is and will always be a problem.

Decreased Sense of Personal Hygiene and/or Change in Appearance

If your employee had a track-record of clean clothes, properly groomed hair/nails, clean teeth and skin but no longer does (or they seem to be declining in that area) than they may be using. More often than not, a drug abuser will place a greater importance on using or obtaining substances to use, rather than focus on personal cleanliness and hygiene.

Higher or Lower Than Normal Energy Level

Similar to your favorite energy drink, the highs and lows of many illegal substances leave the body in an abnormal state. If your employee appears to be in a manic or sluggish state, drug use may be the culprit. Depending on your industry, this could even lead to frequent accidents and/or injuries on the job and to others. If you notice this type of behavior it’s best to begin to address it immediately, before they cause damage to themselves, their peers, and ultimately your business.

Disappearing Act

Slightly more difficult to track/spot initially but, constant bathroom and cigarette breaks become increasingly obvious over time. While it’s somewhat time-consuming to monitor, this is likely your best chance to ‘catch them in the act’ of substance/drug abuse.

Less (or more) Personable or Social

This can often (more than most) be a tell-tale sign of drug use in the workplace. If your employee is radically different to their peers (or you) for an extended period of time than they were in previous weeks/months, substance abuse may be the cause. Depending upon the substance in question, an employee could suddenly ‘love’ or ‘hate’ everyone and anyone they come in contact with. If your employee was once considered level-headed but now exhibits more erratic, short-tempered or emotional behavior to everyday experiences or pressures, our confidential drug sweeping services may be your best option.

What To Do and When To Take Action

Document Everything

Begin creating a written record of each event as they unfold/take place. Having a documented ‘chain of events’ is often the difference in protecting yourself, your business and/or your employee. Depending on your relationship with the employee, documenting behaviors and events may be the difference between a calm and aggressive conversation.

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Our drug detection dogs are able to detect the smallest traces of drugs in the workplace. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are available on short notice.

Drug Sweeper is not only confidential; we also provide all the necessary tools and guidance to aid your business and employee through this difficult time. From detection to intervention, we have you covered.

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